Chase the Ace is a type of progressive cash raffle, which has gained popularity as a way to raise funds for charities. One winner is selected from all tickets sold every 14 days and wins 20% of gross ticket sales for that two-week period. The bi-weekly percentage draw winner also has the chance to select a playing card from an initial standard deck of 52 cards to win the Progressive Jackpot. The Progressive Jackpot builds by 30% of gross ticket sales for all bi-weekly periods until someone draws the Ace of Spades and wins the pot.

Founded in 1931, the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA) stands as a cornerstone in Alberta’s rich visual arts history. Chasing A C Leighton is a natural choice of title for our Chase the Ace raffle, paying homage to A C Leighton, a founding member, and first President of ASA. Not only is ASA the oldest society of professional artists in Alberta, but the name Leighton holds a profound connection to our artistic heritage. Today, the home he designed just southwest of Calgary is known widely as Leighton Art Centre. Although organizationally unrelated to ASA, Leighton Art Centre operates as a vibrant and lasting legacy to one of Alberta’s early professional artists.

By participating in our Chase the Ace raffle, you support ASA, a federally registered charity. Every ticket purchase contributes to ensuring that the arts continue to flourish in Alberta, enabling charitable arts programming throughout Alberta. Join us in preserving our artistic legacy.