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1. Pricing

Platform Fee – 5% per transaction (Taxes Included if applicable)
Stripe Fees – 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (merchant payment processing fees)
No up-front payment. No membership fees. Fees are directly deducted from every transaction.

2. Electronic Raffle System Features

  • Your Own Hosted Raffle Page
  • Self Serve and support from us when you need it
  • Sales and customer reports
  • Collect both cash and credit card payments
  • Easy raffle creation and configuration
  • Early bird sales end and winner draw option
  • Reporting tools
  • Support member option – track sales for individual, team, group, etc.
  • Ticket management
  • Electronic ticket and email payment confirmation
  • Ticket printing and mailing (if required)
  • Easily connect bank account and receive direct deposit
  • Upload raffle license or charity documents
  • Create volunteer accounts to receive cash payments
  • Electronic winner selection with the use of our Random Number Generator
  • Multiple winner selection

3. Banking Information

  • a. Connect the bank account where you like to receive your sales deposits.
  • b. Go to “Banking Info” menu, fill out your information and Stripe will verify your identity and bank information.
  • c. Only the Bank Account authorized person can add the account to the system.
  • d. Stripe has a 7 day hold policy to make sure the funds are cleared. Then, Stripe will deposit daily directly to your bank account.

4. Raffle license/ tax exception/Organization Document

In order for us to approve your raffle, you need to provide a document that allows you to legally conduct a raffle event in your local area or jurisdiction. This can be in a form of a raffle license, raffle permit, 501 Tax Exempt document, or Non-profit/Charity Status document. Every time you create a new raffle this document has to be uploaded in order for us to review and store the document. As the raffle chairperson, you have the responsibility to follow all the rules and regulations set by your license, permit or by your local government or jurisdiction.